Friday, September 23, 2005

Bizarre Lunchtime occurence

So I went to lunch today at the newish pub across the street from my office called Elephant and Castle. Call it a foolish nostalgia for the pubs of my college days during my semester in London. Foolish, being the key word, since I found it to be just average in terms of the food and worse in terms of the service.

But to the occurrence. So I was sitting at the bar, and my lunch had just arrived (buffalo chicken wrap with a side salad, which, for some reason, had asian dressing). I had my book open (P.D. James for those keeping score, An Unsuitable Job for a Woman) and was reading. All of a sudden there was this tremendous crash from the end of the bar. I looked over in time to see the guy at the end flip backwards off his stool, hit the wall, and then the floor. About three of the staff ran over there, along with three or four customers, one of whom who seemed to have some medical background.

This raises one of these bizarre ethical questions. What do you do in this case? There were people caring for him who actually knew what to do. I could bring nothing to the situation. Going over would have been gawking at someone who probably didn't need to be gawked at. So I rather guiltily finished my meal, asked the bartender if the guy was going to be okay (and was told that he was concious and seemed like he would be fine), paid my bill and left. I mean, what could I do? It's interesting, because it actually very much made me think about what I could/should do in this situation. In this case, there were plenty of people to help. The employees rallied fast and efficiently. There was someone with some sort of medical training there. I would have been in the way. Am I justifying? Or being practical? Not sure yet.

Of course, this week Achewood had a story arc with very similar theme. Though I'd like to think that I wouldn't actually desert a dying man...


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