Tuesday, August 16, 2005

People make me tired

When I saw this article on "Reparative Therapy" I just got...really really tired. Seriously. I'm just so annoyed at people who seem to spend all their time worrying about what the hell other people are doing, what their sexuality is, who they're sleeping with and how. How is any of this in any way anyone's business but the people involved?

I have never been bothered by the idea of homosexuality. I don't know why that is, but it has just never bugged me. I completely believe that sexuality is a continuum, and people fall on different places on it, and it's never bothered me where anyone fell. People I knew from high school turned out to be gay later in life, people I went to college with came out later, and I've always had friends who were gay. I don't understand why anyone cares. It's as if they're affronted by anyone having any sort of physical activity that they themselves have not experienced.

I also don't understand the argument against gay marriage - that it, in some way, diminishes straight marriages. I have yet to have this explained in a way to me that makes one iota of sense. I don't consider myself to be a really dense person, but this is an argument that has continued to elude me. The way I see it, let everyone jump in and take the tax hit, and if they run into problems, get divorced with all the attendant expenses and issues that accompany that. Let's let everyone participate in the grand American social experiment.

So when I see articles like the one I linked to above, I just get, sort of irrationally angry, because I really don't understand the obsession with it.

So, shut up, stupid religious right people.


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