Thursday, September 07, 2006


I forgot to say, in my last post, the funniest thing I saw while in Hawaii. Well, two funny things, one that happened, and one I saw. Both at the Kona airport. So I'm in the security line, trying to avoid the sun that's beating down, and this woman, with her giant suitcase, gets into line behind me saying, "Is this the line for United?" I said, "Well, I believe that these are the United gates. This is the security line." She sighs and replies, "Oh, good." I eyed her for a second and said, "If, you know, you've already checked in." She says blithely, "Oh, I haven't done anything, I just got here." "Well, you have to check in first and get your boarding pass. This is the line for security." She looked at me blankly, not processing what I had said. I turned and pointed to the ticket agents behind us. "You have to check in for your flight and THEN come and go through security to go to your gate." She said, "Oh," and then wandered off. I'm still not sure if she really understood what I was saying to her, and then I had to wonder if maybe she'd never flown before, which I also found unlikely, because if she was FROM the Big Island surely she'd had to fly one of the other islands at some point in her life and if she WASN'T from the Big Island, then certainly she should have, you know, FLOWN there, and thus experienced the airport before.

The funniest thing I saw? The security guys had a table, and on it were displayed all the things they'd confiscated from people's carry on bags. You had a good amount of sunblock there, and a fair amount of lotion and hair care products. And a lone can of Easy Cheese.

I really, really wanted to meet the person who just couldn't concieve of flying anywhere without their can of Easy Cheese. In my mind, a Shatneresque monologue of "Must. Have. Easy. Cheese!" ensued.


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