Saturday, August 20, 2005

New Cars

This is a quick one, because I need to go get ready for the Virginia Wine Festival, as I need to leave in about a half hour, and I haven't showered yet. Anyway, I was lying in bed this morning listenng to Car Talk, and they mentioned that they have a new Auto Advisor. So when I got up I jumped online to take a look at it, and it's really cool. You get to set all sorts of preferences, including price range, body type, brand, importance of things like reliability, turning ability, all sorts of things that might be important to different people with different car expectations, and then it'll recommend cars that fit your criteria. Oddly enough, it DID recommend the car I currently drive, the Toyota Corolla LE. It also recommended the car wanted to buy, the Mini Cooper. So I'd call it pretty reliable, actually. Enjoy.


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