Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Queer as Folk Finale

I'd like to consider last week's finale of Queer as Folk and how horribly disapointing it was. Now, for those of you who don't know the show, I'll sum up very quickly. Brian is an asshole that people stay friends with for reasons unknown to me, because he does things that are so unforgivable that I would never talk to him again. Michael is his best friend, and is sort of sweet and a little dumb. There's a large supporting cast that I"m not going to get into here.

Because, central to my problem with this last season is the about fact they made with the Brian character. Now, this is a character who refused to say things like "I love you," or acknowledge anyone else in the universe. But suddenly, in the fourth to last show, they decided that this character needed to be redeemed. Why? Who knows? I actually felt they betrayed the character in some ways. I'd really come to rely on him as the asshole of the week, and suddenly, with the contrived use of a bomb in the local gay dance club, he's declaring his love to the person that he's been sleeping with for the last four seasons, and suddenly he's all "I love you", and "let's get married." It was such a fundamental betrayal of the character they'd created. And no matter how they tried to end it with the character backing out of the marriage, I just couldn't buy it. I never believed that the character could change in the first place, but once they put the change in motion, they couldn't very well at the last minute make a half hearted change back.

So, even though i've been a pretty faithful QAF viewer, at the end I felt very unsatisfied by the way it ended. And it sort of taints my view of the whole series.

And, finally, the final fantasy dance scene was totally stupid, and was not worthy of the show.


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