Monday, November 07, 2005


No word update yet tonight. I haven't written a word yet.

But I had to post this. It's fun!

Other minor things: I was the recipient of a campaign phone call from the Jerry Kilgore campaign. What I gleaned from this incredibly offensive call was: Kilgore hates gay people, immigrants and women. Oh, and add to that he doesn't seem to have plan to pay for the crap he wants to do, and he wants to take the bike path along I-66 away because he wants to widen it. My reaction to that? Fuck people who live in Fairfax and drive into the city on I-66. Take public transportation like the rest of us. Grrr.

Sorry. Bad tempered about this campaign. I think Kilgore is so completely sleazy and smarmy.

Other, less important things. I can't link to it, but the Washington Post Sunday Source section ran a story about how hip leggings are. And, really...I just...I know I've been ranting about women's fashions a lot here, but the leggings look just wasn't good in the eighties, and it's so not good now. With little short skirts. ::shudder:: At least I didn't wear the spandex ones with heels, though one of my roommates did.


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