Monday, April 03, 2006

Jonathan Antin is a Giant Crybaby

I swear, that guy cries at the drop of a hat whenever he talks about how he's achieving all his dreams and how he built up from nothing and he's worked so hard and sob, sob, sob. Dude, man up!

Also? I was shocked to hear that he had a kid, because I totally thought he was gay. Deeply closeted, but gay nonetheless.


Blogger mickey said...

you know, gay people have kids too, lol. pete townsend has an entire family and is married to a woman and says he is a woman inside. so one never knows. ;)

1:33 PM  
Blogger CultureMaven said...

Pete Townsend thinks he's a woman on the inside? Really? That's fascinating. What I don't know about people who were in the Who. Didn't he get tagged for kiddie porn and said he was looking at it for research. Granted, he's no Gary Glitter....

2:06 PM  

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