Thursday, September 21, 2006

Welcome, Ninja Librarian

The Culture Maven, infected by her friend the Ninja Librarian, suddenly is posting in the third person. She promises the post will be short and sweet. To wit: her good friend, the Ninja Librarian, has started a blog. See the link over there on the left at the bottom? You know, where it says Ninja Librarian? Click on that. The Ninja Librarian wishes to keep his identity a secret, but the Culture Maven was wily and figured out instantly his real identity. (In case you didn't know it, the Culture Maven is herself a librarian. Not a ninja librarian, but a librarian nonetheless). She will now spread the rumor that the Ninja Librarian is really Batman.


Blogger Ninja Librarian said...

I'm Batman.

3:33 PM  
Blogger stalebREAD said...

hey, where the hell are you? i think it's the maven who's disappeared.

6:03 PM  

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