Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quick update...again

I know it's been on for a few weeks, but I have found myself to be a big fan of Shear Genius. I really thought it would be dumb, and after the disappointments of Top Chef and Top Design, I was very surprised (because my idea for them is Top Exterminator at this point). But seriously, Jaqulyn Smith, always my favorite Angel, was a brilliant choice as a host. They found someone to mentor them in the salon who is not a judge (I hate that Tom Coliccio walks around and asks them questions and makes them feel bad and then uses it against them at the judging table). It's oddly addictive.

As a side note, I noticed on the website that Bravo links to TWoP, which is pretty cool for them.

In other news, I am currently under attack by gypsy moth catepillers. They are everywhere and they are gross. I was sitting on the patio and I looked up and suddenlyr realized about ten of them were bearing down on me. And then there was one on my foot, at which point I threw in the the towel and decamped back to the living room. And it SUCKS, because it is beautiful out in the evenings right now, and dammit, I want to drink martinis on my patio. Stupid invasive bugs.

And finally, I'm about to attempt, this weekend, to make a Black Forest Cake. I've never made such a thing before, but it's what the boy wanted, so it's what he gets. Well, what he really wanted was cheesecake, but he got that on his actual birthday at his parents' house (his sister really does make a killer cheesecake. I gotta get that recipe.). I thought about making a deconstructed cake, but decided that it was probably too odd. But I am sort of making my own take on it - I can't find one single recipe that I like everything in (uses Bing cherries, or uses buttercream frosting), so I decided, what the hell. I'll take the best of what I've seen and do my own. How wrong can I possibly go with chocolate cake, sour cherries and whipped cream? Not too much, I don't think. She said, being possibly overambitious.