Tuesday, November 08, 2005


You know, some days it's good to be a Democrat. Kaine seems to have won pretty handily here in Virginia, Corzine won in New Jersey, Bloomberg won in NYC. Seriously, this is very good. The Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General races look like they haven't called them yet (seriously, did I see one ad for either of the Lt. Gov. candidates, or for the Dem candidate for Attorney General?). Why do I live in the one state where you elect each person separately? Virginia is so weird.

But..woo-hoo democrats!

Other stuff. The looming horror that is NaNoWriMo. I'm in a good place, but I worry. I do. How do I make Iago sneaky snaky enough without him tipping his hand that he's a manipulative bastard? And my poor Emilia. She's so sweet and stupid, and it's going to end so badly for her. Damn Shakespeare for creating someone like her. And her family is so nice. Well, except her sister, who is a drunk bitch. But her brothers are nice. But it does progress. I think the most difficult thing are the, ahem, sex scenes. But they're sort of important. New word count to left, as promised.

You know, everything else I have is random observation, like, the leapfrog "game" system that really teaches kids math looks disappointing and stupid, and that I hate the Weavers on the Amazing Race, and that I probably really, really need to get out more.

In December. When NaNoWriMo is over.


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