Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I'm behind. So, so, so behind. 2,764 words, to be exact.

Two Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Four words.


If I can just make it to...I don't know, 42k, I'll feel like I can finish. It is, at least, not a complete two days behind, but it's daunting. It seems to be the theme of this year's challenge for me - can I catch up?

Non book stuff. I'm definitely doing the holiday challenge at the Y this year to stay motivated over the holidays. I guess they're doing it later this year. They used to start the day after Thanksgiving.

And, in other news, The Amazing Race sort of sucks this season, and my sentiment in watching it is that my show is broken and and the Weavers SUCK. I hate them, and as they've whittled down the teams, the more screen time they get, and the more I hate them. And the race is much less fun when I'm actively rooting against a team instead of cheering for one to win.


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