Sunday, November 13, 2005

Do You Have Any Idea How Fast 1666 Words a Day Adds Up?

Yeah. I was really bad this week. I avoided writing earlier this week, despite being under the gun on word count and time. I had so much to make up. And part of the reason I was sort of avoiding it was because I wasn't sure where to go next. I had to fill in the back story on Iago. It's hard to write this, because Iago needs to be horrible without being a monster. I can't believe the character would be totally one sided and horrific from the beginning. He has to evolve into the person he becomes by the end. And it's really hard to put Emilia into his power, because she's not a stupid person, but he preys on her weakness. It will require a lot of rewriting, because it's such a delicate balance, and it has to be believable. I don't know - when you know how far your character is willing to go to get is own way, getting him there is...hard. I don't know, if I were not writing something where the end was predetermined, I don't think I would be able to write this. So it's definitely a stretch for me.

I am now caught up, but I wrote for almost four hours straight, and that? Is really hard. A lesson, I suppose, that trying to write four thousand words in one day to catch up is maybe not the best idea.

Anyway...good long weekend, despite the lack of writing activity. Friday I got my hair cut and went out with my ASP buddies. It was awesome seeing them again, because we basically did not stop laughing the entire time we were there. They had great stories about the new crazy people at the company, and all the changes and weirdness that drove me crazy when I worked there. Hung out later with some of the people that I'm closer to there, which was awesome. Such a good time. Saturday I headed up to Maryland for a baby shower, which was full of good food, but wow, lasted a really long time. But it was great to see her, because the last time I saw her, she barely looked pregnant at all, and now she has totally popped out. The baby started to kick, and we could actually see her belly bulge out, which was totally weird and Alien-like. But I got her Harold and Purple Crayon, which was well recieved. I love that book still. It did lead to stories about how her husband used to write on the walls, which was totally funny, and also exactly the kind of kid I would expect him to be. Spent the night up with my friends up in Maryland, and went out for a fabulous dinner of tapas. I'm amazed that Frederick has such a varied restaurant scene and such a cute downtown. It's really much more of a community than a lot of other areas around here. I guess it's why I like Arlington so much. They've spent time creating neighborhoods, and it makes such a difference to live somewhere that has a center of some sort.

So that's it. I'm done writing for the day. I'm watching the Miami Ink marathon on TLC, and I'm gonna go cook myself some dinner.


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