Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Childish Tantrum

I'm in an unaccountably bad mood. No particular reason. an ugly mood. And in this spirit, I present you with the rant occasioned by this article about Pat Robertson suggesting that we (well, not we as in the populace, but the US government) assassinate Hugo Chavez. And THEN he denied it. Even's on tape.

Pat Robertson is LYING LIAR who LIES. He is totally a liar. I don't understand how this stuff can be captured on tape, witnessed by hundreds of people, and then they say "I never said that." It's like when Frist claimed he'd never offered a diagnosis of Terri Schiavo BASED ON A VIDEOTAPE. And he was ON CAMERA when he did it. In front of his SENATE COLLEAGUES. I'm sorry for all the caps, but I hate when people say things, and they're on tape doing it, and then they say, "I never said that." And people BELIEVE them, because they are dumb and listen to and believe LYING LIARS telling HUGE GIANT LIES. And...I'm sorry? No contest divorces are a result of gays lobbying? Why would people lobby for a change in law that DOESN'T APPLY TO THEM? That just makes no sense at all. And he's the religious mouthpiece of this administration! AAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

shut up shut up shutupshutupshutup!!!!!!!! SHUT UP!

It makes me think to myself that when Pat Robertson dies, I hope God yells at him. And it makes me think of a eulogy from Mystery Science Theatre 3000: "I hope you die a sad, lonely death confident in the knowledge that nobody loves you."

I told you it was childish.


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