Friday, December 09, 2005

Return of Project Runway

Oh my. Can I just tell you how happy, excited, pleased I am at the return of Projct Runway? The personalities are definitely coming out, of course. But I love the judges, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors. I mean, I know they're very intimidating and all, but I think they're ultimately fair. But I think the thing I love about this show is how collaborative the designers are. One designer was having problems with his design, and one of the other designers helps him do the sewing so he can get it done. I just really like that spirit of helping out and working together that this show fosters. I love Tim Gunn, who is the guy from Parsons. He's so helpful, saying, "I'm worried about this. Do you need it? You'll have to defend this to the judges." But it's not mean or judgemental, just, hey, I'm concerned.

I'm not sure that ANY of these people are going to replace Jay McCarrol in my heart. None of them have displayed that unique sort of thing he had going for him, which was fun and quirky and feeling solid in his talent, but also funny as hell. But some of them are emerging as great personalities (early favorites are Nick and Emmet), and villains (Zulema and Guadalupe). And huge egos, like Santino. And the one guy, Daniel Franco, who came back from Season One and is trying again. I actually sort of like him, because he's so humbled from his experience, and he's trying so hard to impress them and not get eliminated early. I almost think he'd be happy to stay through half the show. But honestly, I think he'll gain confidence and get better as the show goes on.

I think it will be a very very interesting season on Project Runway.


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